Back to the Basics

Jeff Monroe - Back to the Basics

Today there are more diet pills and exercise gadgets on the market than ever before. There are health clubs and weight loss centers on practically every street corner, yet we are more obese than in past decades. Although many of these tools are great to have access to, it's obvious something is not connecting with the general public. Americans are overthinking exercise and nutrition to the point of confusion and frustration. This is why it's time for people to regroup and get back to the basics.

Jeff's formula for fitness success is about taking action, keeping it simple and having fun! As kids, we never thought of running around outside (playing games) as exercise. We were just having a blast, laughing and focusing on the task at hand. No fancy equipment was necessary to use or expensive gadgets to buy. It was all about enjoying our time alone and with others. So why are we negative about fitness today? Are other priorities and obligations in life too overwhelming? Has the stress of daily living taken over to the point that there simply is no time for exercise? Stop the excuses! It's time to make fitness fun again. Invest in yourself by ordering the MY MODEL BODY® program.

The MY MODEL BODY® program is split up into two parts:

1) MY MODEL BODY® Wellness Packet: The packet allows you to learn about nutrition, goal setting and well-being. Individuals will be taught to make educated food and lifestyle choices. The information is key to gain positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.

2) MY MODEL BODY® Exercise Game: The game consists of 80 exercise cards and a game overview booklet that allows individuals from all fitness levels to advance at their own pace through a creative 20-week workout schedule.